413 Presents: Social Distancing Fest 2020!

I want to thank everyone who tuned in to my St. Patrick’s Day FB Live broadcast yesterday afternoon and evening – You made it such a fun & rewarding session for me! To those who who were able to toss something into my virtual tip jar, you can’t possibly know how much your generosity means. You are a ray of hope to me and to other performers currently navigating these strange, new, social norms…

…If you enjoyed my St. Pat’s set, then DEFINITELY DON’T MISS this awesome event that some friends of mine have pulled together. With a little ingenuity and the commitment of numerous, local musicians, we are excited to present to you the online, live music festival we are calling:
Are you already feeling a little stir crazy? Maybe we can help you out by bringing you some sweet jams!
Check the schedule to see who is on and when, and if you’re able to do so, consider throwing a little $omething into your favorite performers’ virtual tip jars, as each act will have those details readily available to you.

**I will be on from 6pm – 7pm on Friday, 3/20, FYI** 
(Venmo: @merrillily)

If it ends up catching on, we’ll keep doing it! I am already hearing some top-secret rumblings about certain “big names” who may or may not be willing to participate in future shows.. Stay tuned for more details and thank you, as always, for listening. ♫

SDF 2020

*Fine print:
You will need to be able to log into Facebook to view this event.


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2 Responses to 413 Presents: Social Distancing Fest 2020!

  1. Mike and Ruth Callahan says:

    Oh wow! Great idea! We old farts will have to figure out the Venmo thing but we will and we will definitely “be” there! Cheers!


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