Memories: The Merrill Shepard Show at the Valley Advocate Sessions

One year ago today, our first ever Valley Advocate Session aired!  This was such a proud moment for me and I couldn’t have done it without AJ and Craig.  The opportunity to record in a professional studio plus the unwavering support and gentle guidance I’ve received from them and from those closest to me over the last several years has stoked a fire in me to put in the work to never stop trying to become a better musician and a better artist.

While I still love to play out with my arsenal of cover tunes, I’m happy to report that the list of original works has grown considerably since this recording was made and continues to do so.  Heartfelt thanks to all who’ve been there with and for me along the way – we’ve still further to go!
..Be on the lookout for my upcoming EP!  ♫

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