Tonight at Teresa’s!

Happy Black Friday to all you retail warriors!  Against the waves of other shoppers and limited supplies, you have braved the chaos and collected your holiday goods, thereby fulfilling your ultimate goal of bringing joy to those lucky enough to be on your Christmas list this year!

…I bet you’re feeling like you could probably use a drink now, eh?  You’ve certainly earned it!

Come to Teresa’s Restaurant in Ware tonight and enjoy a cocktail this evening along with some live, acoustic music as provided by Yours Truly – Our gift to you!  You might find that your stomach is growling as well, since you burned all those calories black-belt shopping today – So why not enjoy some of the fine, Italian fare they have to offer as well?  I promise, your Thanksgiving leftovers will be just as delicious for lunch tomorrow – treat yourself!

I will be in the lounge tonight from 7:30pm – 11:00pm singing a wide range of acoustic covers – we can even toss in a few Christmas selections, now that ’tis OFFICIALLY the season!



315 Palmer Road, Ware, MA

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